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Right in the centre of Kaltern your ideal ****S hotel in our wine village

Enjoy life at the very heart of Kaltern, staying in a historic winery with all modern amenities. Our own beauty farm offers you a wellness experience, while Grandma’s recipes ensure that holiday relaxation and pleasure form the perfect combination, just like Kaltern and its wine, the village and the lake or the Mediterranean and the Alpine. Not to mention the Jagdhof ****S and its Torgglkeller, a place where the traditional and the contemporary share the same table… and greet each other warmly.

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Puntiamo sulla naturalezza e sull’alta qualità, ci impegnamo nel riconoscere e nel valorizzare l’individualità e a nobilitarla con idee innovative. Questo è il nostro impegno.


Fam. Atz

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