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Kaltern - where the bells ring out! A village full of culture and zest for life. Nestled between vineyards and terraces, making wine and enjoying wine form a vital part of Kaltern’s society and history! Numerous wine events and cellar tours will guide you through the many different nuances of wine.

Lake Kaltern, the warmest bathing lake in the Alps, has a distinctly Mediterranean atmosphere, a place where the sun shines over 300 days a year. Sunbathing, surfing, swimming, pedalos - la vita è bella‚ life is beautiful.

There are biking and hiking trails for active holidaymakers, for example up to the Mendel Pass, to the “Ice Holes” or simply around Lake Kaltern. Fans of culture will enjoy the castle walks, including up to the ruins of Leuchtenburg – Kaltern’s landmark.

Swimming in the forest - swimming by the vineyard

Splashing, paddling, swimming between reed beds and vine leaves: Kaltern am See. Lake Kaltern is the warmest lake in the Alps and the largest swimming lake in the Southern Alps. It is easy to get to the lakeside, where there are sunbathing lawns with great views, boat hire and everything from ice cream to lunch, sunscreen, or an aperitivo bar!
The southern side of the lake is a special nature reserve where numerous bird species dwell in and around the reeds, some rarely seen. The bird hide is a particularly good spot from which to watch out for them.

The Montiggl Lakes are found in the enchanted forests of the neighbouring town of Eppan. Around the larger Montiggl Lake, at 492 metres above sea level, there are many hiking trails and shady beaches along its rocky shores. Rowing boats can also be rented from the public swimming pool, while the adjacent restaurant has everything to satisfy the appetite of large and small alike.

Between nature and history

Man comes, man goes. But he leaves behind traces, as the many castles in the Überetsch region show. Some impressive castle walks through vineyards and orchards can be found along the Wine Route in particular. The Castle Triangle Walk, to name just one, is a circular walk starting from the castle of Korb, that passes the Kreideturm tower, Hocheppan and returns via the ruins of Boymont, with its wonderful views from the keep.

Mixed woodlands nearby

Altenburg, Montiggl and Mitterberg are three local recreational areas that have one thing in common: enchanted mixed woodlands, a real paradise for explorers large and small, whether for walking, playing or just breathing in the forest air.

The joys of wine

It hardly bears mentioning, but Kaltern is one of South Tyrol’s most special wine villages! Here they not only speak of wine, but of a whole wine culture! Wine safaris, wine tastings, wine festivals, wine days and winery tours: Kaltern always has something new to offer!
In the South Tyrol Museum of Wine, wine barrels dating back eons and wine presses steeped in grape juice relate their wine (hi)stories. With its poetic and historic place names, the Kaltern Wine Trail leads through the vineyards round the village. And a red dot indicates the members of wein.kaltern – waiting to serve you a very special selection of wines from Kaltern - just as we do!

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