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Rooms - Juniorsuites

Through bright passageways, past niches that conceal many stories and thick sandstone walls: our rooms and suites are waiting to be discovered! Just as no two guests are alike, so all our rooms are unique.

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Light and airy suites and spacious bathrooms with oak flooring and natural walnut decor in the rooms, where even the bright walls whisper for you to slow down.

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Like all our rooms, the apartments have also been carefully restored with a keen eye for detail. The historic walls enclose the spacious living areas, each extended outdoors with a terrace. These light and airy apartments feature warm walnut fittings and all sorts of nooks & crannies, and are sure to be a delight.

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Julie Annexe

Julie, Julie! A lovely girl’s name and one of the most popular in old Kaltern. Equally lovely is our luxury Julie Annexe! We have expanded our establishment with these very special, stylishly renovated quarters. With two bedrooms, a kitchen and large living areas, the Julie Annexe is ideal for long stays, family visits or honeymoons that will forever be treasured in the memory.

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